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Energy Management & Audits

Zahrani Corp MEP solutions are delivered consistently each day wherein Tangible energy savings are achieved.
We manage engineering maintenance proactively…..we take care of building risks carefully which is facilitated by regular safety assessments…… we also track and execute predictive maintenance so that clients live and work in well maintained and safe environment.

Zahrani Corp offers energy management, energy saving solutions utilizing the latest technologies.
There are tailor made solutions using various tested products from different vendors to ensure the best results.

1) HVAC system retrofit and new installations to reduce Energy consumption by almost 50%. (Please call for a live DEMO)
2) Lighting management.
3) Induction motor optimization
4) Power monitoring devices ( real time)

Forward Maintenance REGISTER / Lifecycle Costing
Zahrani Corp has the expertise to map all the building assets on to the CAFM system and maintain the trends to analyze the entire Lifecycle costs of building MEP assets. Having capacity to do Life cycle analysis is advantageous to clients who are interested in enhancing the life of assets and thereby reducing the cost of asset replacements. Building engineering right from its concept stage to design, planning and execution of maintenance plans, Zahrani Corp delivers this strategic report on Life cycle costing as value addition to all its IFM customers.