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Employee Welfare

For Zahrani Group, people are its assets and we understand that people’s needs change in a lifetime. Our rewards program supports financial security, departmental growth and personal well-being.

Employee Benefits Concept. The meeting at the white office table.

Financial goals

  • Compensation: By studying the market salary trends, we ensure that our salaries competitive.
  • Retirement: Our retirement programs reflect local policy and employee benefits.
  • Employee Incentive Plan: Eligible employees are often invited to take part in an agreed incentive plan subject to company achieving its Annual set NP.
  • Education allowance For specific enrolled employees, we offer scholarship program

Professional goals

  • Career development: FM personnel performance plan drives career development in Zahrani Corp.
  • Training: our Training Module is mandatory for selected staff and it drives our commitment to provide the best FM service in the region.

Personal goals

  • Healthy & Fitness: We encourage our team to meet with our Health, safety and Nutritional specialist and provide incentives for selected employees to enroll in some healthy lifestyle programs.
  • Flexibility: We encourage flexible schedules approved by line managers so that the employee can have a good work life balance.
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